Bathing Suits

Shopping for Plus Size Bathing Suits

If you fear the stigma of being plus size at the beach, then read on to discover some simple tips that might make that trip to the beach a little less intimidating.

Bathing suits are not made just for those with "perfect" bodies or the model look.

The fashion industry has taken note of the plus size market, and has begun producing quality lines in both the clothing and bathing suit markets. If you haven't been out shopping recently, you might surprised at how much attention the fashion industry has been paying to the plus size market lately. There truly are some great looking plus size bathing suits out there now.

If previous forays into the arena of bathing suits have left you feeling a little less than confident, give things a second try with some of these new tips. Not only can these tips help in finding the right bathing suits, they can help you find some of the great new items that have emerged on the market in the past few seasons. There are more options out there for bathing suits on the plus size market than ever before. One of these new options, for instance, is the fashionable swim dress. A swim dress complements the figure nicely and provides plenty of coverage for those who are a little more shy. Many swim dress lines have emerged recently that sport very creative designs, with fashionable prints and asymmetric patterns. Be sure to find a swim dress that you like, as there are now many more options than just the plain black dress.

If you would like to show off your upper body, while hiding more around the lower body, then the shortini might be the right choice for you. A shortini will allow you to mix and match, wearing any number of different tops while providing more coverage for the lower body. The shortini is a great way to flatter slightly larger hips while still showing off a great upper body.

Another option along the same lines as the shortini is the skirtini. A skirtini provides coverage like the swim dress for the lower body, while still allowing you to mix and match a different top. The skirtini is a great way to take the focus off of your waist and lower body, while drawing more attention to the upper body. If you like the looks of a swim dress, but want to show off a little more of the upper body, then the skirtini is a great choice.

Although an important tip for everyone, it is especially important when shopping for plus size bathing suits to go early on. Avoid crowds at the stores so that you do not feel pressured to make an impulse purchase on bathing suits. Going when the stores are less crowded will allow you to relax and spend more time on making the right purchase. The selection of bathing suits will also be better if you manage to go earlier, instead of when everyone has already picked over the choices.

If you have a hard time finding the right bathing suits, do not feel as though you have to settle for something you don't really like. If one store does not have the right selection, then go to another store. Remember that you will be spending a good part of the summer in whatever you purchase, so be sure to find something that works for you. Taking along a trusted friend is a good idea when shopping for bathing suits.